No-Flex Carbon Fiber Technology

Because the SHARK handle is made of carbon fiber, there is no flex in the handle. This is an extremely different feel than you get when you tune with a traditional tuning hammer. In fact, once I tuned with the SHARK for a week, I never wanted to go back to my regular professional extension hammer. The feel that you encounter when you tune with the No-Flex carbon fiber is so precise, you immediately become aware of how much flex is created with your old hammer. Now, you are able to feel every movement of the pin with incredible accuracy. This works both ways on the pull and the push. You can set the pin very quickly and with extreme confidence.

the SHARK Weight Distribution Technology

The SHARK is the only tuning hammer on the market that is designed to purposely weight the head and it was designed and tested by piano technicians. The SHARK

weighs about 13 ounces including the tuning tip. The carbon handle only weighs 2 ounces! This means that 85% of the weight of the hammer is in the head! During our prototyping session, we found this to be most desirable. This new advancement in weight distribution provides two important elements for the tuning process:


First, there is no flagging weight in the handle which makes the hammer very easy to manipulate. The hammer is extremely balanced and has a easy-grip handle which makes moving from pin to pin quick using just 2 fingers. Second, the tuning hammer head seats perfectly on the tuning pin every time. Because the SHARK seats so nicely on the pin and stays in place with the weighted head, you can easily use all of your current tuning techniques with even more accuracy.

The SHARK will not bounce around on the pin or fall off which we found does occur with very light weight carbon fiber hammers. When testing light weight carbon fiber tuning hammer designs, we found that the absence of weight that is found in other models causes them to bounce around on the tuning pin. The same thing was happening with every head/tip combination we tested on light weight carbon fiber levers. The magic happened when we put the weight back in the head. This beautiful discovery allows us to retain the rigidity of the carbon fiber handle while adding an important element back to the tuning hammer… proper weight. When faced with a decision between a super light weight aluminum carbon fiber hammer and the stainless steel design, most piano technician choose the weighted stainless SHARK!