SHARK Carbon Fiber Tuning Hammer



Are you searching for the perfect tuning hammer at an affordable price? You have come to right place!  The SHARK was designed and tested by world-class piano technicians and is used worldwide by concert technicians, RPTs and Master Piano Technicians.  Now you can upgrade your tuning experience, save your shoulder and get razor sharp tunings in less time for less money!

Introducing the SHARK

  • Amazing new weight distribution design – All the weight focused in the nose!
  • This no-flex carbon fiber design makes tuning very easy to achieve accurate and fast tunings.
  • Cuts your tuning time by about 20 percent!
  • Less time finding pure and setting the pin will save your shoulder!
  • the SHARK can be used with your favorite heads and tips.There is NO FLEX in the handle compared to traditional steel or wood tuning hammers.

The handle is made from carbon fiber and the nose is precision machined from stainless steel. Our breakthrough discovery in weight distribution puts the weight and balance of this hammer right where you need it.  The SHARK gives you the ability to move quickly from pin to pin with just two fingers. This hammer weighs about the same as the popular professional extension hammers but it is very different in weight distribution.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t completely love the SHARK, return it within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked.  (Shipping fees are not refunded)