Rapid Voicer Piano Voicing Method



This voicing method was designed by my mentor Dr. Jack P. Hamilton. The Rapid Voicer System will revolutionize the way you approach voicing. This amazing new system makes service voicing attainable for all technicians. It is the only voicing method ever developed which contains precise and controlled elements for voicing a piano up or down quickly.



Are you willing to try it?

I have received the tools with many thanks. I have already voiced my piano at home a 25 years old Korean Piano who’s hammer heads became hard like a rock with an extremely bright sound. Refacing in the past did not help much. The result : Pure Magic! The tone of the piano came back with only one incision. And the most important it is so easy to do with the rapid tools.

B Regards, Harris Georgallis

A note from Jack:

I have collected this information over the past 30 years and have used it at our piano store to voice thousands of pianos. At our store, these techniques have successfully assisted in the sale of millions of dollars of pianos from coast to coast. I personally know other great technicians who have tested the Rapid Voicer tools and I have received wonderful testimonials from them about their success. They report that it is the quickest way they have ever been able to perform voicing and produce exactly what they want every time. This system provides you with the tools and methods to perform extremely accurate voicing in a fraction of the time required by other methods and it works wonderfully on any type or brand of piano. Once you learn, test, and embrace this method you will have an immediate advantage in the field of piano technology and voicing.

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