Our Team

Eric Michael Roberts is a musician, writer, entrepreneur and a Certified Master Piano Technician. He is the founder and owner of Studio 43, LLC, a publishing company which focuses on music lesson resources. Eric started pianotunertools.com when he designed the SHARK carbon fiber tuning hammer. Now he has teamed up with his mentor, Jack Hamilton, to develop the training materials and tools for the Rapid Voicer. Eric tunes daily for his customers in Springboro, Ohio.

Dave Roberts is a tool maker and a CNC computer programer and designer. His expertise in materials, machining and design has allowed us to design and create a wonderful set of professional piano tuning and voicing tools. Dave is a certified CNC programer and tool maker and holds many certificates for tool design and computer programing. Dave spent most of his tool making career as the CNC programmer at General Motors and has worked on development projects in design and computer technology for several large corporations.

Dr. Jack P. Hamilton is the the head technician at BHA Piano Center and the president of the Master Piano Technicians of America. During his 30 years as a full-time piano technician, Jack developed special techniques for technicians working in the home, the store and the concert hall. As a technician, his approach is unique and and creative. Through this book and other projects with pianotunertools.com, Jack is making his knowledge available to future generations of technicians world-wide. Jack tunes daily for his customers in Dayton, Ohio.

Jim Coleman, Jr began learning to repair pianos during his early elementary school years. His father, a second generation piano technician, started teaching him how to tune pianos around the age of 15. By the time Jim graduated from high school in ’62, he was tuning pianos for friends and his church. At the age of 19 he was the piano technician for the local Baldwin piano dealer in Phoenix, worked part-time for his father and soon became self-employed. In July ’66 Jim moved to Indiana to become the Quality Control Engineer in the piano division of the C.G. Conn Company. In ’68 he returned to c entral Arizona and rebuilt his private clientele.
In 1975 Jim joined the Piano Technicians Guild (PTG) and soon became a Craftsman (now called a Registered Piano Technician) member of PTG.  In 1991 Jim was elected to the office of Western Regional Vice President of PTG; he later served as Secretary/Treasurer (1994-1996 and 2006-2009) , and as Vice President (2009-2011), and served as the President of the Guild until 2013.